Action Trax

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Offers off road driving classes, winch-recovery training, and much more to corporate and government offices all over the USA.

The Action Trax come with the traditional nylon “Teeth” but they also offer another version that features 72 metal “Teeth” which allow for an even tougher traction aid. The metal teeth decrease the amount of wheel spin and therefore less wear and tear to the Action Trax. Features such as the “Sawtooth” end allows the user to move trail elements away from the tire and to “Claw” your way out of various terrain such as a sand trap at the beach. Action Trax also took the time to think of the little things like making the handles larger. This allows carrying and maneuvering much easier for wearing gloves and those with big hands. Customer service goes along way and at Action Trax they are remarkable at communication with the consumer. Their products are also Unconditionally Guaranteed for two years against all defects except burning the teeth from excessive wheel spin.Other than stacking rocks or breaking out the strap, recovery trax are a product that is new to mainstream in the off road community. While the products that are out on the market today are good there is always room for improvement which is exactly what Action Trax has done. They took a great tool one step further and created a traction aid that is more diverse with improved flexibility made right here in the US